Pawsh Pawradise is the ultimate luxury pup vacation!

At Pawsh Pawradise you’ll be treating your pup to a life of luxury and comfort when you book their stay with us. Equipped with spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, oversized climate controlled private suites, medical grade air filtration systems, orthopedic Kuranda beds, individualized attention, and fun activities specifically designed to mentally, physically, and socially engage your pup. Your pup will be treated like the royalty that they are!

Our unique service offerings Include

  • Private luxury suites with plush clean bedding, raised orthopedic beds, TV screens, and optional private play sessions.
  • Completely customizable enrichment activities.
  • Individualized attention and cuddles.
  • Professional grooming and spa options.
  • Fun and mentally stimulating activities with a professional dog handler.
  • Dedicated outside walks and play time.
  • Accommodations for dietary and medical needs.

Our Exciting Enrichment Activities

  • Private or group play – some dogs want nothing more than to romp around with their pup friends while others prefer the solitude and comfort of human interaction. At Pawsh Pawradise we have both options available for your pups’ needs and preferences.
  • Love and Cuddles – If your dog lives for human affection, treat them to undivided attention from one of our care technicians. Private cuddle sessions, bedtime tuck-ins, and plenty of hugs & kisses await your pup.
  • Tasty Treats – whether it’s a peanut butter Kong or a snuffle mat, your dog will thank you for the tasty treats!
  • Puppy Love – Puppies need special love and care. With our puppy package your puppy will get extra play time to burn off that puppy energy and extra potty breaks to encourage healthy bathroom habits.
  • Special TLC – Senior and special needs dogs will be kept healthy & happy with personal cuddle time, mobility walks, and unlimited
    medications with our Treasured Companion Package.

Overnight Boarding

Pick Up Before 10 am

Holiday and Pawsh Suite for dogs here at The Pawsh Palace pet care and boarding

Pawsh & Holiday Suite

Pick Up Before 10 am

Boarding Addons

& Special Rates

Enhance your pet’s boarding experience with special add-ons and discounted rates, including daycare, enrichment activities, personalized playtime, and more.

  • $5.00 Discount for multiple pets
  • Add on daycare: $22.00
  • Enrichment activity: $5.00
  • Tasty treat: $5.00
  • 30-minute one-on-one play: $10.00
  • Bedtime story and cuddle: $10.00
  • 3 pictures text/email per day: $5.00
  • Extra walks: $15.00
  • Puzzle bowl: $5.00

All Boarding Packages Include

A raised Kuranda bed, access to a TV and water 24/7, and a private, comfortable, climate-controlled, suite.

Services included with boarding are 5 walks, 2 meals, and 1 playtime per day. Paw-yeah!


Drop-off and Pick-Up Policy

Our drop off and pick up times are between 7 am and 10 am. This is to ensure your pup. Has enough time throughout the day to acclimate to our schedule and settle into the routine, allowing for an easier transition and a peaceful night! After 10 am we have hours available until 5 pm, however, there will be a late fee. Late drop-off fees are $10 and late pick-up fees are $20.

*If you sign your pups up for daycare on pick-up day, all late fees will be waived.


Book Your Boarding Today

Spaces are limited, so paw-lease book ahead of time.